Hypnobirthing courses in South Milford

Hypnobirthing in South Milford, Leeds


However you plan on having your baby, hypnobirthing courses will benefit you. The methodology is as effective whether you end up in a birthing pool, at home, on the ward or in hospital theatre. It is a complete in-depth antenatal birth preparation programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth. A key part of the process is learning to use self hypnosis as a tool to deeply relax and change the fear mind-set. Fear and tension is closely linked to pain. Eliminating this fear is key to an enjoyable birthing experience with less need for interventions and pain relief.

Furthermore, this hypnobirthing course empowers couples to make informed decisions as they understand the choices available to them. I also cover the stages of labour to help you understand how to work with your body, not against it, which will help towards a wonderful and positive experience during this magical time. 

Hypnobirthing is much more than a few techniques to use during labour. It is made up of lots of little things that, put together, make a very big difference.

Hypnobirthing gives a woman the knowledge and power she needs to work with her body, which is naturally designed to give birth. It releases the fear and negativity that she has been programmed with from an early age (everyone knows that birth is painful, don't they?) and replaces it with calm confidence. Parents need to understand the implications of the choices they may be required to make.  A mother who uses hypnobirthing will often say that giving birth was the most wonderful and empowering experience of her life.

Hypnobirthing courses in South Milford are available in groups or privately. 

I trained with Katharine Graves of KGHypnobirthing. To find out more about her and the calibre of the course, visit

A Reluctant Birth Partner?

The name 'Hypnobirthing' has negative connotations for some people. It's important to understand what hypnobirthing isn't just as much as understanding what it is!  In Hypnobirthing, there is no mumbo jumbo, hippy happy-clappy singing or chanting, joss stick burning, swinging stop watches, tree hugging or vagina whispering. The tools hypnobirthing teaches are applicable to any situation, not just birth, and birthing partners can benefit from the techniques too.  

Attending this hypnobirthing course in Sherburn will give birth partners an important and positive role throughout the process as well as giving them confidence to support in a practical way. 

Please feel free to message me to expel any myths and ask questions as to how hypnobirthing can help you. After all, I have first hand experience in a cynical birth partner who actually became a convert after our wonderful experience of hypnobirthing! 

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