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 STAG - Mumbler review of a class

When I arrived at the session on Sunday evening, the room was set up beautifully and I was given a warm welcome by Lindsey who runs the sessions. I was offered a hot drink in a china tea cup which was a lovely touch. Lindsey immediately put everyone at ease with her warm and approachable personality and made time to introduce herself and her reasons for starting her own business.

When she was pregnant herself, Lindsey noticed that there was a distinct lack of pregnancy support in our local area and in particular, classes in relaxation and hypnobirthing. Brilliantly, she decided to do something about that, hence her launching her own business. She is passionate about anything to do with pregnancy and birth and this was obvious throughout the session.

After an initial introduction and cuppa, Lindsey demonstrated some different relaxation breathing techniques and she gave clear and informative explanations of these. She then took us all through a guided visualisation whilst we got comfortable with blankets and cushions and really focused on what she was saying as well as breathing. This was very powerful and completely enjoyable! (I was very close to nodding off at one point!)

The session was informal and the fact that Lindsey keeps her class sizes small is very appealing as chat among the group is promoted as a way of supporting each other. Throughout the class.


Time flew during the taster session, which was ended with home made cupcakes and another brew and chat. Perfect!

I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation session, the ladies in attendance were very friendly and Lindsey is so supportive.

Gemma Sutton - review

Review from @loveyourlabourleeds on Facebook:

I attended the relaxation class and I’m already looking forward to the next one.
It was very relaxing leaning some breathing techniques and helped with clearing your mind with negative thoughts about birth.
Lindsey is very lovely and welcoming. 

Caren Clarke - review

Review from @loveyourlabourleeds on Facebook 

Just what I needed! A lovely place to relax guided by Lindsey, I would certainly recommend! Looking forward to the next sessions. 


I don't do relaxation classes alone anymore. One relaxation class comes FREE at the end of a block of hypnobirthing.

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Gemma's review

Birth experiences reviews of hypnobirthing in Leeds

I can't thank you enough for all the things you did in your classes. I had a very calm and fast delivery with no pain relief and remembered some lovely things from the classes xx

Aimee's review

Hypnobirthing in Leeds reviews of birth experience

Hi Lindsey, hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know we had a little boy yesterday, xxx, weighing 7lb 2oz! And thanks to your classes I managed without any pain relief at all not even gas and air so thanks for that! Hope you have a lovely Christmas x



Thank you for your kind words. I love helping women achieve their very best birthing experience xx