A positive birth with hypnobirthing - What are the benefits?


Releases fear and tension

Hypnobirthing works on releasing fear and tension, which leads to pain and interventions in birth. The knowledge and understanding you will gain from the course will empower you to be able to make the decisions you are comfortable with in any situation making a positive birth experience possible.

Self hypnosis

You learn self hypnosis to induce deep relaxation. This allows you to access the subconscious mind where we can re-programme a negative and fearful mindset into a confident and positive one.


You are given the tools to relax and get in your birthing zone. You have exercises to do at home including affirmations, self hypnosis, hypnobirthing MP3s, massage and relaxation to keep you serene and positive.

Knowledge is power

You have many choices available to you which are important to know and understand.  Your increased knowledge and awareness put you in control so you can deal with any situation calmly with full understanding.

Transformational experience

Many have said that hypnobirthing is a transformational experience and has given them skills for life. You can use the tools learnt during the course and apply them to any situation - not just the labour and birth!

Birth with confidence with hypnobirthing

In many cases you will need no pain relief throughout the whole empowering experience. The course will help you to have a confident and happy pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing mums are more likely to experience a natural, calm and drug free birth and labour can be shorter and more comfortable.